Sub projects

  • Installation of materials recovery facility
  • Improvement of urban roads and drainage
  • Improvement of public market facilities

The Phine Urban Road Subproject will involve civil works and construction activities for
the upgrading and improvement of the interior lateral roads and the construction of drainage
structures on both sides of the roads (Figure 12). The components of the subproject include the
a. Civil works for upgrading and widening 9.42 km interior lateral roads into concrete asphalt
b. Construction of 15-20m wide open drain canal structures on both sides of the 9.42 km road,
c. Construction of sidewalks, installation of street lights, and buffer trees along the roadside,
d. Capacity building for operation and maintenance of main road, drainage structures and
related facilities.
The 9.42 km interior lateral roads (Figure 13) will consist of 5.4 km existing earth road
and a total of 4.2 km new road alignments which will be constructed to connect the lateral roads
to NR9. The 4.2 km road will consist of the following:
a. 1.82 km road alignment in the north western side of the NR9
b. 1.28 km road alignment in the south western side
c. 0.70 km road alignment in the south eastern side
d. 0.32 km road alignment at the junction of NR9 to the northern bypass.



  1. Rational
  2. Project Effectiveness
  3. Investment plan for 2015, 2020 and 2030

1. Rational

The investment plan for the environment infrastructure for Phine is incorporated in the Five Year Development Plan and Master Plan of Phine.

2. Project Effectiveness

This would greatly improve

  • the access of goods and services within Phine and address the perennial flooding problem within the town centres. Drainage and flood control were secured in parallel with the road embankments, culverts and drainage systems
  • Would also encourage private investors to establish their business in the area.
  • Establishing new transport terminal and its ancillary facilities would provide efficient transport services and make this town as centres for responding to the more increase of vehicle as other towns in the countrywide.

3. Investment plan for 2015, 2020 and 2030

  • Short term Investment plan for 2015
  • Medium term Investment plan for 2020
  • Long term Investment plan for 2030