• Urban bypass, roads with drainage structures and bridge
  • Installation of materials recovery facility
  • Establishment of dry port facility

  • The Dansavanh urban road upgrade (Figure 14) will involve civil works for the improvement and widening of the interior lateral roads, the installation of drainage structures and construction of a bridge to connect the planned town center to the NR9 (Figure 15).
  • Civil works will improve and widen the 4.23 km interior lateral roads from earth road into concrete asphalt pavements. Of the total road length, the southern portion of the interior road is 2.83 km while the northern section is 1.40 km. The improvement works include construction of 3.5 kms of closed storm water drainage structures, and new alignments for 0.73 km of open storm water drainage canals leading to Houay Alone. The interior lateral road will be improved with the construction of walkways, the installation of lighting facilities, planting of buffer trees along roadside. The road will be widened to 7.50 m width.
  • Construction of a 50 m reinforced concrete bridge across Houay Alone will connect the interior lateral road to the northern end of the NR9. The Bridge deck shall be 7m of carriageway with 1m extending off both sides for walking for a total bridge deck width 9m. Construction of road junctions to connect the interior lateral roads to the main road along NR9. The road junctions measure from 100 m to 300 m in length. Capacity building for operation and
    maintenance of the main road, drainage structures and related facilities.

Figure 14. Network of road upgrades in Dansavanh


Figure 15. Cross-section of upgraded road in Dansavanh


  1. Rational
  2. Project Effectiveness
  3. Investment plan for 2015, 2020 and 2030

1. Rational

  • The investment plan for Dansavanh is incorporated in Five Year Development Plan of Sepone District and Master Plan of DBTZA.
  • The plan is complied with the needs of an increasing population and of Promoting Dansavanh as an attractive area for private sector investment

2. Project Effectiveness

This would greatly improve:

  • the access of goods and services within Dansavanh and address the perennial flooding problem within the town centres. Drainage and flood control were secured in parallel with the road embankments, culverts and drainage systems
  • Dumpsite and material for recovery facility is anticipated for Dansavanh which will become Visitor’s town because of its location as trade border centres.
  • The expanded dry port logistics facility is intended to provide transhipment and loading facility to accommodate expected increases in the volume of trade and traffic flows

3. Investment plan for 2015, 2020 and 2030

  • Short term Investment plan for 2015
  • Medium term Investment plan for 2020
  • Long term Investment plan for 2030