Kaysone Phomvihane along EWEC

In 2012, ADB approved a loan and grants to Lao PDR for the Greater Mekong Sub region East-West Economic Corridor (GMS-EWEC) Town Development Project. The project consists of seven subprojects aiming to improve urban infrastructure and facilities, increasing urban infrastructure management capacity and trade competitivity in Kaysone Phomvihane, Phine and Dansavanh in the Savannakhet province. The urban infrastructural implementations of the subprojects include a wastewater treatment plant, solid waste management, a material recovery facility, Mekong River bank protection and urban roads.

In the Project Administration Manual (PAM), the Project Management Unit [PMU], with assistance from the Project Management Support and Capacity Development PMSCD Consultants, has identified a need for improvement in computer skills among members of the government. In the GMS-EWEC Town Development Website project, the Project Coordination Unit [PCU], and PMU will receive technical assistance toward the establishment, and maintenance of a project website. PCU, PMU, Project Implementation Team(PIT), Department of Public Works and Transport(DPWT), Office of Public Works and Transport(OPWT), Provincial Office of Natural Resources and Environment(PONRE), District Office of Natural Resources and Environment(DONRE), Urban Development Administration Authority(UDAA), Provincial and District Authorities will learn to use the website to comply with the GMS-EWEC Town Development Project principles of transparency and good governance. This will benefit the GMS-EWEC Town Development Project by providing an accessible and practical project website as well as improving basic computer skills among project staff and more advanced website maintenance skills for key staff tasked with keeping the site up to date.